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Welcome to Console Passion Retro Games Store - take a nostalgia trip through my Funky Vintage Games Website and buy some gaming history! I have a large selection of old retro games for sale for classic games consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including old games systems such as (my favourites) the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive and handheld games such as the Nintendo Game and Watch.

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Philips CDI 22ER9956 Digital Video Cartridge Loose
The Philips CDi Digital Video Cartridge. Model number 22ER9956. Fits the Philips CDi 450. Allows games & films that require the Digital Add-on to be played - Dragons Lair is the best of these;
- Atari 2600 (PAL)
Challenge a friend or match your reflexes against our very tough computer pro. Here's video tennis that looks, sounds and plays like the real thing. Lay down drop shots, rally from the baseline, or at
Urban Champion
- Nintendo NES (PAL)
Think you're tough, huh? Well, you better be. Because you've got to be quick on your feet and fast with your hands to become the next URBAN CHAMPION. You've got to block, fake and land
Nintendo Gamecube RGB Scart Cable Loose
- Nintendo Gamecube (PAL)
An true RGB Scart cable to connect your Nintendo Gamecube to your TV set via AV port instead of the Composite AV lead. This cable outputs full stereo sound to your TV and gives improved picture qualit