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Hello everyone. We are moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will not be taking any orders or able to reply to any messages during this time. We will be open again at the start of December. Many thanks. Console Passion

Modification Sega Saturn

I offer two modification services for the Sega Saturn console and these are both very popular modifications. Details of each service I provide is listed below. I provide a full 3 month warranty on any console I modify and all work I do is carried out to the highest standards.

Please note I will fully check any consoles before modifying them, and any found to be faulty will be returned without any work being undertaken. Also, as there are many different versions of the Sega Saturn console it may not be able to modify your console so I will need to know which type you have beforehand. Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.

Update: We no longer fit switched mods due to their unreliability and problems with them getting damaged in the post. We only fit the switchless mod boards now which play 100% of imports. These mods have all the features described below, without the need for external switches to be added. In addition, the switchless modification will also play 100% of all import games including those with region protections.

Have a look at our Switchless Modification page for more information and a video demonstration.

Sega Saturn Full Modification

Both the modifications described below - add a 50Hz/60Hz switch and add a region switch. This full modification will allow you to play absolutely every single Sega Saturn game - even the imported Panzer Dragoon Saga. A replacement memory backup battery is also fitted as part of the price.

Add 50Hz/60Hz Switch

I can add a switch to your Sega Saturn base unit which toggles between a 50hz and 60hz output. This will not only allow you to play your games in full screen mode instead of the squashed letterbox mode, but will also play them at full speed - almost 20% faster than normal PAL speed! Nights in 60Hz mode - Mmmmm, nice!


 Nights in Standard 50Hz Display

Nights in Modified 60Hz Display 

 Nights in Standard 50Hz Display

 Nights in Modified 60Hz Display


Add Region Switch

In addition to adding a 50/60Hz switch as described above I can add a second switch to your Sega Saturn which toggles between the three main regions of the Sega Saturn - Europe, USA and Japan. This in effect lets you play all Sega Saturn games on any console without the use of an import adapter.



Initial PAL Screen

Initial Japan Screen

Initial Screen Europe Region

Initial Screen Japanese Region

The placing of the switches will largely depend on which version of the Sega Saturn you have, and I will not be able to tell until I open up the console. In most cases the switches will either both be fitted to the front left hand side, or one on the front left and one on the front right. If you have special requirements we will try and accommodate but there is very limited space inside the Sega Saturn.

Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.