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Hello everyone. We are moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will not be taking any orders or able to reply to any messages during this time. We will be open again at the start of December. Many thanks. Console Passion

Modification Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo (or SNES as it is more commonly known) is by far the most popular console to be modded, possibly due to the horrible region lockout chip which stops you playing virtually any imported game, or maybe just because it is the most popular console. Who knows? Whatever the reason why not join hundreds of other satisfied customers enjoying region free SNES gameplay!

Also, I can do exactly the same modifications on the Super Famicom as essentially both machines are the same.

I can also replace dead batteries in SNES cartridges - check out the bit about Cartridge Battery Replacement for more info. Each SNES modification is described in detail with pictures where appropriate. Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.

Update: We no longer fit switched mods due to their unreliability and problems with them getting damaged in the post. We only fit the switchless Ikari mod boards now which play 100% of imports including SA1 protected games on the SNES. Switchless mods are much more reliable and don’t require any drilling of holes and fitting of external switches. These mods have all the features described below, without the need for external switches to be added. In addition, the switchless modification will also play 100% of all import games including Mario RPG, Star Ocean and Kirby 3.

Have a look at our Switchless Modification page for more information and a video demonstration.

Super Nintendo Full Modification

My most popular mod! All four modifications described below - disable the lockout chip, add a 50Hz/60Hz switch, widen the cartridge slot and add a blue LED. This full modification will allow you to play 99% of all Super Nintendo games. Remember - there are a few import games that can *only* be played on their intended console - they include Super Mario RPG (Jap & US) and Street Fighter Alpha 2 (JAP). Update - the new switchless mods will allow all import games to be played on your SNES console!

Disable Region Lockout Chip

I can disable the internal regional lockout chip which stops you playing foreign games. While this will enable you to play quite a lot of imports, it still won't let you play everything. Newer imported cartridges have a clever built in facility which actually checks what speed your graphics chip is running at, and will not load if they are running at 50hz. The 50Hz/60Hz switch described below gets round this check. As one or two UK games require this chip to be enabled to function properly, instead of disabling it, I can add a switch to select when you want this chip on or off. Please contact us if you require a switch.

Add 50Hz/60Hz Switch

I can also add a switch to your base unit which toggles between a 50hz and 60hz output. This will not only allow you to play your imported games (and most PAL games) in full screen mode instead of the squashed letterbox mode, but will also play them at full speed - almost 20% faster than normal PAL speed! Fans of Street Fighter 2 Turbo and other fighting games will appreciate this modification as the effect is quite considerable on game play - if you think you are a bit of a beat-em-up expert then get this mod done and see how you fare afterwards!



 Super Mario in 50Hz Standard Display

Super Mario in Modified 60Hz Display

Super Mario in Standard 50Hz Display

Super Mario in Modified 60Hz Display

This modification will let your machine play all Pal Super Nintendo Games in 60hz except those containing DSP or Super FX chips which will only play in 50Hz mode. Please note, that to play your games in 60Hz mode, your TV must be able to run a 60Hz signal. Almost all newer TV's run 60Hz, but if you are unsure please check with your manufacturers manual before having this modification done - Console Passion will not provide any refunds for persons who cannot run a 60Hz display.


 Switch on Side

Switch on Rear

Switch on side of console

Switch at back of console


The normal place for the switch is on the side of the console as shown above, however, we can fit it at the back of the console in place of the RF out. This will necessitate the use of a scart lead, which we sell these in the Super Nintendo Hardware section.

Widen Cartridge Slot

The console modifications described above will allow you to play 99% of all games with a slot converter, but if you do not have one of these you will still not be able to play the US games on a PAL SNES as the actual cartridge itself is physically bigger than the slot. Fear not though, I can arrange for the cartridge slot to be widened to allow foreign cartridges to fit. Using carefully selected tools, I will make a nice neat job of your console and ensure that those imported games slot in nice and snug!


Super Nintendo Slot Widened

A widened Super Nintendo cartridge slot

Change Power LED

A simple enough mod, but one a lot of people like to go for - change of the power LED on the SNES. I can give you a choice of five different colours for the power LED on your console, including blue which looks wicked! Choose from Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple or Blue and have a new smarter looking console!


 Blue LED

Yellow LED

Blue LED

Yellow LED

Green LED

Orange LED

Green LED

Orange LED

Replace Cartridge Battery - £5 UK plus return postage

You may be aware that a lot of the Super Nintendo games have a save game feature, where you can save you games progress to the RAM of the cartridge. Well this RAM is backed up by a surface mounted battery inside the cartridge. Unfortunately, as with all batteries, these run out eventually, and any games saved to the cartridge will disappear.

The good news is I can open up your cartridges, remove the old battery from your board and solder in a brand new one. Just send your cartridge with the dead battery to me and I'll send it you back fully working.



 Replacement Battery

Inside a SNES Cartridge

Replacement Battery

Inside a game cartridge

Please note I will fully check any cartridges before changing the battery, and any found to be faulty beforehand will be returned without any work being undertaken.

Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.