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Modification Sega Megadrive

I offer a number of modification services for owners of existing Sega Megadrive consoles. Details of each service I provide is listed below. I provide a full 3 month warranty on any console I modify and all work I do is carried out to the highest standards.

Please note I will fully check any consoles before modifying them, and any found to be faulty will be returned without any work being undertaken. Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.

Update: We no longer fit switched mods due to their unreliability and problems with them getting damaged in the post. We only fit the switchless mod boards now which play 100% of imports. These mods have all the features described below, without the need for external switches to be added. In addition, the switchless modification will also play 100% of all import games.

Have a look at our Switchless Modification page for more information and a video demonstration.


Sega Megadrive Full Modification

All four modifications described below - add a 50Hz/60Hz switch, add a language switch, widen the cartridge slot and add a blue LED. This full modification will allow you to play absolutely every single Sega Megadrive/Sega Genesis game.


Add 50Hz/60Hz Switch

I can add a switch to your Sega Megadrive base unit which toggles between a 50hz and 60hz output. This will not only allow you to play your imported games (and most PAL games) in full screen mode instead of the squashed letterbox mode, but will also play them at full speed - almost 20% faster than normal PAL speed! You think Sonic the Hedgehog is fast normally? Try it in 60Hz. Wow!!


Sonic in Standard 50Hz Display

Sonic in Modified 60Hz Display

Sonic in Standard 50Hz Display

Sonic in Modified 60Hz Display


Add Language Switch

In addition to adding a 50/60Hz switch as described above I can add an additional switch to your Sega Megadrive which toggles the language setting of the game being played. This can have some quite interesting effects on the games you play. This is because many of the game cartridges actual have two versions of the game - a Japanese version and an English version. While the basic game play will remain the same, there may be some subtle differences. Characters may have different names, music may be different and even the game may have a different name.



Streets of Rage English Language

Streets of Rage Japanese Language Setting

Streets of Rage English Language Setting

Streets of Rage Japanese Language Setting

The same happens when you switch some Japanese cartridges to English language, which is useful if you don't speak & read Japanese. The best bit is experimenting with games - if you have this modification done and find any interesting changes why not let me know and I may compile a list of games that are affected.

Widen Cartridge Slot

The console modifications described above will allow you to play all games with a slot converter, but if you do not have one of these you will still not be able to play the Japanese Imports as the cartridges are bigger than the PAL Sega Megadrive. Fear not though, I can arrange for the cartridge slot to be widened to allow foreign cartridges to fit. Using carefully selected tools, I will make a nice neat job of your console and ensure that those imported games slot in nice and snug!



A Widened Sega Megadrive Slot

A widened Sega Megadrive cartridge slot


Change Power LED

A simple enough mod, but one a lot of people like to go for - change of the power LED on the Sega Megadrive for a funky blue one.

Blue LED in a console

A Blue LED repalced in a console

Please note, if you are sending your console in for modification and you want to run it in 60Hz mode, as well as having a TV that accepts a 60Hz NTSC signal it is essential that you have a Scart cable, otherwise you will only get a black and white picture. We sell these in the Sega Megadrive Hardware section and will discount if you want to purchase with this modification. If you are unsure please check with your TV manufacturers manual before having this modification done - Console Passion will not provide any refunds for persons who cannot run a 60hz NTSC display.

Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.