New Mods added!

Been doing these for a while now, but just got round to adding details of all the new mods we are doing.

Firstly, there is a change to the SNES or SFC mod we do - we now fit the amazing Ikari01 switchless mod which lets you play 100% of all SNES and SFC games. Finally a truely universal SNES that plays Mario RPG, Star Ocean and Kirby 3!

We now do switchless 32X mods, and different combos of these with either the Megadrive on it's own, or the Mega-CD as a triple mod combo. Much better than having switches at the back of the 32X.

Finally, we are also doing switchless Sega MultiMega / CD-X mods.  A *beast* of a mod which takes a lifetime to complete, this works exactly the same as the switchless Sega Mega-CD combo mod. A thanks to Klaus from Wolfsoft for coming up with the finer details for completing this mod!

Hope you enjoy these :)