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Hello everyone. We are moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will not be taking any orders or able to reply to any messages during this time. We will be open again at the start of December. Many thanks. Console Passion


Posted on 7th December 2006

Nice Sega Saturn Games update - includes some top RPG's - all the Shining Force Games, Dragonforce and the essential Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga. Also included is the nice Nights 3D Controller Boxset, Virtua Fighter Boxset as well as boxed...

Posted on 21st November 2006

Mammoth stock update! Over 200 items added or back in stock. So many different platforms - to many to list the all here - for a full rundown see the Recent Stock Updates page. Practically every major section updated - some highlights are Streets...

Posted on 11th October 2006

Hot on the tails of yesterdays Sega Megadrive update and not to be outdone, the updated Super Nintendo Games section bursts forward with 40 additions. Same format really - loads of your favourites back in stock - Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All...

Posted on 10th October 2006

Shazam! A whopping great big 50 Sega Megadrive Games added today. Loads of your favourites back in stock, like Streets of Rage, Castlevania, Aladdin, Ghouls & Ghosts, World of Illusion, Fantasia etc, etc. Some rarer games also back in stock...

Posted on 23rd September 2006

A splattering of updates - mainly consoles but some other bits hidden away in there too. We have Sega 32X consoles, Nintendo NES Consoles, Nintendo 64 Consoles & Super Nintendo Consoles back in stock. A few games here and there - most of the...

Posted on 25th August 2006

An update of seven new JAMMA Arcade Boards - Golden Axe, Flying Shark, Mortal Kombat & Trojan included as well as a few others.

Posted on 6th August 2006

Another small update. Some Atari 2600 Games, Sega Dreamcast Games including Silver and a handful of Sony Playstation Games including Simpsons Wrestling.

Posted on 2nd August 2006

Small update today - a handful of Sega Megadrive Games including Phantasy Star 4 & Wonderboy in Monsterland. Some nice modified consoles for the Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast.

Posted on 2nd July 2006

We have done a great deal with a UK manufacturer to sell their JAMMA Arcade Superguns through our website. For those of you who have never heard of a Supergun, it is a piece of hardware that will allow you to play original arcade games your home...

Posted on 18th June 2006

Added a new section - the NEO GEO MVS Games section. These are Neo Geo games that are used in conjunction with the Neo Geo Multi Video System JAMMA board. The wicked Metal Slug is included in that lot too!