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Daedalus Encounter

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Daedalus Encounter (PAL)

The year is 2135, the final days of the First Interstellar War. You are Gunner First Class Casey O'Bannon, serving on board the TAS Interceptor Talon. The pilot is Lt. Ariel Matheson, a tough experienced officer who plays it by the book. The coo-pilotengineer is Warrant Officer Zack Smith, who has a well deserved reputation as a loose cannon. Despite their differences, Ari and Zack have both been shipmates and friends since basic training. During your squadrons routine patrol near Phalanx Prime, a group of Vakkar fighters roar out of hyperspace and launches a deadly attack. Your final memory of the event is seeing a huge chunk of your enemies fuselage bearing down on your ejection.

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3DO - Daedalus Encounter
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