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Welcome to the Amiga CD32 Games Section. These games are PAL Amiga CD32 games, which means they are designed for the PAL (European) Amiga CD32 Games Console. We've got some Amiga CD32 Consoles for sale too; follow the hyperlink to take you to that section. As ever, we have a few pieces of Amiga CD32 Hardware for sale too, All games have been cleaned as described in the Care of Second Hand Games section.

The difference between Console Passion and other retro gaming shops is that all the games I sell are complete, and in good condition. If you are not happy with the condition of a game you buy from me - send it back, and I'll give you a refund or a replacement.

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Pierre Le Chef is out to Lunch

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Pierre Le Chef is out to Lunch (PAL)

Pierre le Chef tours the world preparing international cuisine for the rich and famous but this time he's found a recipe for disaster! The ingredients he requires are running riot - Pierre must chase them down and bag 'em before they make mincemeat out of him! Sounds simple, except for germs like salmonella and botulism. Oh, and there's his arch rival 'le chef noir', and evil masked chef who has cooked up a plan to release all of the ingredients as quick as Pierre can catch them!.

Amiga CD32
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Amiga CD32 - Pierre Le Chef is out to Lunch
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