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Atari Lynx

Here is a small selection of Atari Lynx hardware that I have for sale. I would say I'll be getting some more items in stock, but there is little else you can get for the lynx! For games, check out the Atari Lynx Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition, for consoles, check out the appropriately named Atari Lynx Consoles section.

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Hello everyone. We are moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will not be taking any orders or able to reply to any messages during this time. We will be open again at the start of December. Many thanks. Console Passion

Atari Lynx Battery Pack Boxed

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Atari Lynx Battery Pack Boxed

We all know that one of the criticisms with the Atari Lynx is the battery life (or lack of it!). Well to save you a fortune on batteries Atari designed this nifty little battery back which can be used instead of normal batteries. Requires a Atari Lynx Supply to charge the pack - we can supply one - they are in the Atari Lynx Hardware section. This item is boxed and in good working order.

Atari Lynx
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Atari Lynx - Atari Lynx Battery Pack Boxed

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