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Gust Buster

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Gust Buster (PAL)

Navigate your way through videogame's most colourful amusement park. Keep an eye on the windsocks since they indicate the force and direction of the wind gusts that will blow you around the park. Inflate and deflate each balloon to reach desired altitude. But be careful that you don't inflate too much or you will 'bust' a balloon and have to land and replace it with one in your pocket. Avoid park hazards such as rides, fireworks and animals to name a few, while attempting to land in the most crowded areas of the park to sell your balloons. Restock your supply of balloons by landing on the randomly appearing popcorn truck. Gust Buster offers a challenge for the entire family.

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Colecovision - Gust Buster
Colecovision - Gust BusterColecovision - Gust Buster
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