As I mentioned in another Handheld Games section, my second favourite Games manufacturer after Nintendo is tied between Grandstand and Tomy. Initially, Epoch & Tomy produced and distributed Grandstand's handheld games, which is why many identical or similar titles are seen from both manufacturers.

Grandstand created the all-time 'classics' of tabletop games - Astro Wars, Scramble & Firefox F7. They also released smaller 'pocket' versions of two of their most popular games - Scramble & Munchman as well as several other pocket games, like BMX Burners, King Kong in New York & Krazy Kong.

Each game has as much information as you should need. I can provide high-res photos should you require them - just use the Contact Form to ask. All games are working - they are tested with both batteries and an adapter.

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Hello everyone. We are shortly moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will be open again at the start of November. Many thanks. Console Passion

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