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Mystical Ninja 2 - Starring Goemon

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Mystical Ninja 2 - Starring Goemon (PAL)

Goemon is back in his greatest adventure to date! The evil Bismaru has stolen a powerful Ghost Returning Machine and is threatening world domination. Join Goemon and his friends in this incredible 3D rendition of those classic platform games of yesteryear. All the gang are here! Control our eponymous hero along with Ebisimaru, Sasuke and Yae and do battle with Evil Ghosts, Samurai Demons and the weirdest Mecha Bosses, all realised with incredible 3D Graphics. This is the craziest Goemon adventure ever!

Release Year
Nintendo 64
Media Type
Adventure RPG
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Nintendo 64 - Mystical Ninja 2 - Starring Goemon
Nintendo 64 - Mystical Ninja 2 - Starring GoemonNintendo 64 - Mystical Ninja 2 - Starring Goemon
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