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Nintendo Gameboy

Welcome to my Nintendo Gameboy Hardware page. This is the small selection of Nintendo Gameboy Hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Nintendo Gameboy Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition, for consoles, check out the appropriately named Nintendo Gameboy Consoles section.

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Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Camera Blue Loose

Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Camera Blue Loose

The Gameboy Camera in blue, released as Pocket Camera in Japan, is an official Nintendo accessory for the handheld Game Boy gaming console and was released in 1998. It is also compatible with the Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Light, Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy Advance SP. The camera can take 128x112, black & white digital images using the 4-color palette of the Game Boy system. This item is loose, is tested and works.

Nintendo Gameboy
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Nintendo Gameboy - Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Camera Blue Loose
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