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Reign of Fire

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Reign of Fire (PAL)

Fight Fire with Firepower! 2024 AD: In a post-apocalyptic world, mankind struggles to survive under a reign of fire from the skies. You must lead a dangerous crusade to bring these flying beasts to their knees. Third-person shoot 'em up action adventure that takes place amongst scorched landscapes, the result of battles between two species competing for survival - human and dragon. Fight for mankind as one of the many different human forces, with a huge arsenal of high-tech weaponry at your disposal. Take to the skies as a terrifying dragon and reign terror over the world, savaging the Earth and destroying everything in your path. Two totally different games in one! Witness awesome reactive fire effects as flames spread and decimate everything in their path. Experience numerous action-packed missions, including the desecration of central London, military-style reconnaissance activities, 3rd-person shootouts and heroic fire-fighting rescues. Real-time cut scenes and briefings keep the intensity to the maximum.

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Nintendo Gamecube - Reign of Fire
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