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Welcome to the Nintendo Gamecube Imported Games Section. These games are either Japanese or US Nintendo Gamecube games, which means they are not designed for the PAL Nintendo Gamecube Console and will not work unless you have a converter. For PAL Nintendo Gamecube games go to the Nintendo Gamecube Games page.

We've also got a stock of Nintendo Gamecube consoles, controllers, memory cards etc; they can be found in the Nintendo Gamecube Hardware or Nintendo Gamecube Consoles section. All games have been cleaned as described in the Care of Second Hand Games section. If you are a collector of import games, please take a look at our other Japanese Video Game Imports.

The difference between Console Passion and other retro gaming shops is that all the games I sell are complete, and, unless otherwise stated, in good condition. If you are not happy with the condition of game you buy from me - send it back, and I'll give you a refund or a replacement.

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Hello everyone. We are shortly moving to a new, bigger premises so website ordering will be closed for the next month while we move everything to our new building, reorganise and do a full stock take. We will be open again at the start of November. Many thanks. Console Passion

Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Smash Bros Melee (NTSC-U)

The All-Star Brawl Is On! Nintendo's biggest stars are all here! Duke it out with Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, The Ice Climbers, and many more! The craziest four-player fighting game of all-time returns for a frantic, fun-filled Nintendo GameCube melee! Pick a classic character and enter the fray! A brand-new Adventure mode takes you through classic side-scrolling worlds like the Mushroom Kingdom. Choose from over 20 stages and wage battles with tons of items, like Bob-ombs and the Super Scope. Tons of custom options await, each with a wild twist. Try playing Giant Melee for a gargantuan clash! Battle through a new Coin match, fight for style points in Bonus mode, or stage a tournament with up to 64 players! Unlock cool game secrets! Take on Event Mode and fight through specific battle challenges. As you play, collect nearly 300 detailed trophies of characters and items from throughout Nintendo's history.

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Nintendo Gamecube
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Nintendo Gamecube - Super Smash Bros Melee
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