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Probotector 2 - Return of the Evil Forces

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Probotector 2 - Return of the Evil Forces (PAL)
Notes: The manual for this game is missing

In the year 2634, the Earth has finally escaped from the hand of black magic one year after the end of the war with a mysterious alien army, or has it? One day, a strange radio message comes in from General Hal of the federation troops as he is heading for the base ruins in South America in preparation for the 7th GX army manoeuvres. The mutant alien life forms that were believed destroyed are alive again. Now they control the GX army, have built fighting robots and are planning to take over the world! One again the fight to the death between Probotector and the aliens has begun!

Nintendo NES
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Nintendo NES - Probotector 2 - Return of the Evil Forces
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