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I have a small selection of PC Engine Consoles. Boxed consoles are hard to find these days, and any we have are sure to sell quickly! The loose consoles are fully functional with all required parts but without box or instructions. I also have a large selection of PC Engine Games and PC Engine Hardware click any of those links to take you there.

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PC Engine Duo R Modified Console Loose

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PC Engine Duo R Modified Console Loose (NTSC-J)
Notes: Comes with Standard White PC Engine Controller

The Japanese Duo-R PC Engine & PC Engine CD combined system, plays both Hucards & CD-Rom games. This console has been modified so it can play Japanese and US Games - there is a switch installed to change the region. It has also had an RGB modification & RGB Amp fitted so it outputs full RGB - much better than the original AV output. Complete with RGB Scart lead, official joypad & UK power supply. This console comes unboxed and has been tested and works fine.

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PC Engine - PC Engine Duo R Modified Console Loose
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