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Sega 32X

I have a small selection of Sega 32X Consoles. The boxed consoles are ideal for someone new to the retro scene that want a 'ready to use' system or an enthusiast who wants a genuine collectors item - a complete, boxed, good condition Sega 32X Console. The loose consoles are a cheaper alternative - fully functional but without box or instructions. I also have a selection of Sega 32X Games and Sega 32X Hardware for sale too.

Complete systems are becoming increasingly rare, and all the consoles shown below are all in good condition and fully tested.

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We will be away exhibiting at PLAY Expo Margate until 25th February 2020. You can still place orders during this time but they will not be shipped until we return. Many thanks for your understanding!

Sega 32X Asian Console Boxed

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Sega 32X Asian Console Boxed (NTSC-J)

Upgrade your Megadrive or Megadrive II into a 32 bit beast! This 32X console combines with your Megadrive to give you more power than ever before - 32 bit processing, 32 bit graphics, 32 bit sound and 32 bit speed. This 32X console will also play all your Megadrive games without any problem. Comes with console, additional leads and AC adapter. The box, console and contents are all in good condition, there is no manual. Please note this will NOT play any games on its own - you must already own the Megadrive or Megadrive II to use this add-on.

Sega 32X
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Sega 32X - Sega 32X Asian Console Boxed
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