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Sega 32X

Here is a small selection of replacement Sega 32x hardware that I have for sale. We have consoles for sale in the Sega 32X Consoles section, and for games, check out the Sega 32X Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition!

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We are currently away exhibiting at PLAY Expo Blackpool and all our stock is packed away for that event. We will be back on Monday 21st October and will be able to fulfil and orders and respond to any enquiries after this date. Many thanks!

Sega 32X RF Cable Loose

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Sega 32X RF Cable Loose

The official RF lead that comes with your console. Connects your console to the TV and allows you TV aerial to be connected at the same time. Saves climbing around the back of your TV every time you want to play a game! This item is fully tested and comes unboxed without instructions.

Sega 32X
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Sega 32X - Sega 32X RF Cable Loose

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