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Sega Dreamcast

Here is a small selection of Sega Dreamcast Hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Sega Dreamcast Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition. We also have consoles, so you'll be wanting to look at the Sega Dreamcast Consoles section if that's your bag!

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Sega Dreamcast DC-X Boxed

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Sega Dreamcast DC-X Boxed

The DC-X CD. This fine little disc allows you to play imported Dreamcast games on your own console. So regardless of whether you own a PAL, NTSC or Japanese Dreamcast, you can now play any games on your machine. Simply pop-in this disc, boot up and at the prompt insert your imported game. Your machine will happily proceed to load the game in the normal way! It also lets you enter cheat codes, which you can find easily on the internet! This item is boxed with instructions.

Sega Dreamcast
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Sega Dreamcast - Sega Dreamcast DC-X Boxed

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