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Welcome to the Sega Master System Games section. This is a 100% complete collection of every European PAL Master System game released. Even though these games are listed as either PAL Sega Master System Games, Sega decided the Master System would have no region lockout like other consoles, so these games should all be compatible with any console regardless of its region.

If you need actual consoles, controllers and the likes, I can supply any of these, and they can be found in the Sega Master System Hardware or Sega Master System Consoles section. All games have been cleaned as described in the Care of Second Hand Games section.

If you are a collector, why not download our free printable Sega Master System European PAL Games Checklist?

The difference between Console Passion and other retro gaming shops is that all the games I sell are complete, and in good condition. Unless stated otherwise, all the games below are boxed, with instructions. If you are not happy with the condition of a game you buy from me - send it back, and I'll give you a refund or a replacement.

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Notes: This game is a US exclusive but will work on any region Sega Master System

The world's favourite bad boy alien is back. on your Sega System. It's Alf! And he's got a mission. to get to Mars to visit his friends Rhonda and Skip! The problem is his space ship is broken. And the Alfer is not about to grow wings. So it has to be fixed. and that's where you come in! Guide Alf as he searches for the things needed to fix his ship. Pearls snatched from the jaws of giant clams. space scooter fuel in the darkest caves. spacesuits, costumes and more! 

Sega Master System
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Sega Master System - ALF
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