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Welcome to the Sega Master System Games section. This is a 100% complete collection of every European PAL Master System game released. Even though these games are listed as either PAL Sega Master System Games, Sega decided the Master System would have no region lockout like other consoles, so these games should all be compatible with any console regardless of its region.

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Flintstones (PAL)

Yabba Dabba Doo! It's the weekend and Fred Flintstone returns home from work very exited about the Bedrock Super-Bowl final tonight.  As he arrives home Wilma reminds him of his promise to paint the living room before her mother arrives on Sunday.  Wilma insists that Fred can only go bowling if he paints the living room, properly, before he goes bowling.  Reluctantly, Fred agrees, but he doesn't bargain for baby sitting Pebbles and painting at the same time.  Chaos, fun and the Flintstones humour is everywhere!

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Sega Master System - Flintstones
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