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Sega Mega CD

I have a small selection of boxed Sega Mega CD Consoles. The boxed consoles are ideal for someone new to the retro scene that wants a 'ready to use' system or an enthusiast who wants a genuine collectors item - a complete, boxed, good condition Sega Mega CD Console. I also have a large selection of Sega Mega CD Games and some Sega Mega CD Hardware for sale.

Modified consoles are for enthusiasts who want to play Sega Mega CD Imports and get the absolute maximum from their consoles. For more information on modified consoles, see our modification pages.

Complete systems are becoming increasingly rare, and all the consoles shown below are in good condition. All boxed consoles come complete with all parts and manuals unless otherwise stated.

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Sega Megadrive 2 Modified Switchless Console Combination Loose

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Sega Megadrive 2 Modified Switchless Console Combination Loose (PAL)

This is the ultimate modified switchless Megadrive 2 & Mega-CD 2 combo! The Mega-CD 2 has had the MultiBIOS chip & switch fitted to allow you to play all games from all regions - USA, Japan & Europe. The Megadrive 2 has been fitted with our new ultimate switchless modification. It does all the same as our normal modifications do, except all the changes are made by pressing and holding the reset switch. No holes are drilled, no external switches fitted - the console remains intact! The LED will also change colour according to the region which looks great. We are the only company in the world that does these modifications and they are very popular. With this mod, the console will play every single Sega Megadrive & Sega Genesis game, regardless of region. When the Megadrive region is changed, the Mega-CD region is also changed - there are no switches on the Mega-CD either. So this game will play all Mega-CD games too - regardless of region. The cartridge slot has also been widened to accommodate Japanese cartridges. Finally a Scart is provided to allow you to view 60Hz mode in full colour RGB. This will allow you to play all imported Megadrive & Mega-CD games. This combination set consists of a modified Megadrive 2, a modified Mega-CD 2, two power packs, an RGB Scart lead and a controller - everything you need to play imported Megadrive & Mega-CD games. Please ensure your TV can display a 60Hz NTSC signal before you purchase this console.

Sega Mega CD
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Sega Mega CD - Sega Megadrive 2 Modified Switchless Console Combination Loose
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