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Welcome to the Sega Mega CD Imports Section. To run any of these imported Sega Mega CD Games you will need the appropriate modified Sega Megadrive Add-On - either a Mega CD 1 or Mega CD 2 which can play imported games. These will be in the Sega Mega-CD Consoles section.

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Heimdall (NTSC-U)
Notes: This is a US Sega CD game that will only work on a US console or Modified Sega Mega-CD

Set sail on an epic RPG adventure designed for both the role playing pro and beginner. Armed with a mighty sword and an easy to use Point and Click interface, it is your mission to recover the god's stolen weapons in this CD conversion of the legendary PC title. As godsend Heimdall you are thrust into a mythical Viking world where, along with a motley crew of warlords, wizards, thieves and rangers, you must prove your Vikinghood by wrestling wild boars rescuing feisty barmaids, casting magic spells, fighting and bartering with a sinister cast of characters and ultimately retrieving the Gods powerful weapons.

Sega Mega CD
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Sega Mega CD - Heimdall
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