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Sega Saturn

Here is a small selection of Sega Saturn hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Sega Saturn Games section - all complete and in excellent condition, or if you are after consoles, then you'll be wanting the Sega Saturn Consoles pages.

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We are currently away exhibiting at PLAY Expo Blackpool and all our stock is packed away for that event. We will be back on Monday 28th October and will be able to fulfil and orders and respond to any enquiries after this date. Many thanks!

Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed

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Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed

The Sega Saturn Twinsticks. These controllers are awesome - there really is no other way to describe them! Only ever released in Japan and barely ever seen in the UK, these Twin Sticks are used with the wicked Virtua-On game to give the full original arcade feel to the game. Trust me when I say, you've never played Virtua On until you've played it with the Twinsticks. This item comes boxed and are brand new.

Sega Saturn
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Sega Saturn - Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed
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