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Sega Saturn

Here is a small selection of Sega Saturn hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Sega Saturn Games section - all complete and in excellent condition, or if you are after consoles, then you'll be wanting the Sega Saturn Consoles pages.

Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed

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Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed

The Sega Saturn Twinsticks. These controllers are awesome - there really is no other way to describe them! Only ever released in Japan and barely ever seen in the UK, these Twin Sticks are used with the wicked Virtua-On game to give the full original arcade feel to the game. Trust me when I say, you've never played Virtua On until you've played it with the Twinsticks. This item comes boxed and are brand new.

Sega Saturn
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Sega Saturn - Sega Saturn Twinsticks Boxed
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