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Sega Saturn

Here is a small selection of Sega Saturn hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Sega Saturn Games section - all complete and in excellent condition, or if you are after consoles, then you'll be wanting the Sega Saturn Consoles pages.

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Sega Saturn Virtua Gun Boxed

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Sega Saturn Virtua Gun Boxed
Notes: Can only be used correctly with older CRT TV's

The Official Sega Saturn Virtua Gun. An extremely accurate light gun, for use with any light gun games such as Virtua Cop, House of the Dead and my personal Favourite Crypt Killer.  Very sturdy and hardwearing. This is the Japanese Black Gun. This item is fully tested and comes boxed with instructions.  

Sega Saturn
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Sega Saturn - Sega Saturn Virtua Gun Boxed
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