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Welcome to the Sony Playstation Imports section. All of these games are listed as either US NTSC or JAP Sony Playstation Imports. To run the US NTSC / JAP Sony Playstation Imports you will need either a Sony Playstation Region Adapter CD or a modified Sony Playstation. I can supply these, and they can be found in the Sony Playstation Hardware section or the Sony Playstation Consoles section.

If you are looking for PAL (European/Australian) games, then you need to go to the Sony Playstation Games pages instead. All games have been cleaned as described in the Care of Second Hand Games section. If you are a collector of imported Japanese games, please take a look at our other Japanese Video Game Imports.

As with all of the games I sell, these games are boxed with their original instructions and are in excellent condition. Fortunately for us, our Japanese gaming friends seem to be much better at looking after their games so the majority of them are absolutely mint!

Irritating Stick

Irritating Stick (NTSC-U)

It's nothing but a maze, you, and a stick carrying 100,000 volts. Race against time, or choose head-to-head competition, in over 100 3D mazes that are guaranteed to irritate and challenge you for hours. One player and two player modes plus a tournament mode for up to eight players. Three distinctive courses, each with multiple mazes. Based on the smash hit Japanese TV show.

Sony Playstation
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Sony Playstation - Irritating Stick
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