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Here is a selection of Super Famicom hardware I have. Remember, pretty much any of the Super Nintendo Hardware will work on the Super Famicom too so if you are looking for something on this page, then try that one too. For games, check out the Super Famicom Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition. Finally, for consoles, you should be looking in the Super Famicom Consoles pages.

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Super Famicom RGB Scart Cable Loose

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Super Famicom RGB Scart Cable Loose

A Scart connector cable to connect your Super Famicom to your TV set via Scart port instead of the RF socket. This cable outputs full stereo sound to your TV instead of Mono, and gives improved picture quality as there is no interference and the TV set does not need tuning in! The other advantage is that you do not need to fiddle around at the back of your TV every time you want to play on your console! This is a full RGB scart cable which gives superior picture quality. This item is brand new.

Super Famicom
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Super Famicom - Super Famicom RGB Scart Cable Loose

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