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Welcome to the PAL Super Nintendo Games Section. All of the Super Nintendo SNES Games for sale are PAL Super Nintendo SNES Games intended for an Australian or European console. To run the PAL Super Nintendo Games on a non European or Australian console you will need either a modified Super Nintendo (SNES) or a Game Genie. I can supply either of these, and they can be found in the Super Nintendo Hardware or Super Nintendo Consoles section.

We now have a dedicated US SNES Games section. If you are a North American customer or are looking for Imported SNES Games, this is the section to check out.

Please enquire beforehand if you are unsure about which games run on your own console. If you are looking for Japanese games we have a great selection of Imported Japanese Super Nintendo Games (the Super Famicom) in the Super Famicom Games section. All games have been cleaned as described in the Care of Second Hand Games section.

The difference between Console Passion and other retro gaming shops is that all the games I sell are complete, and in good condition. Unless stated otherwise, all the games below are boxed, with instructions. If you are not happy with the condition of a game you buy from me - send it back, and I'll give you a refund or a replacement.

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Super Aleste

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Super Aleste (PAL)

A super mid-air battle!  Do you want to experience a high speed shooting packed with excitement?  Super Aleste.  The game's thrilling speed is its most attractive feature.  The enemy movements are fast.  Your shots and the enemies shots are fast.  Finally the scrolling is fast.  the screen filled with battle action just overflows with high speed shooting excitement.

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Super Nintendo
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Super Nintendo - Super Aleste
Super Nintendo - Super AlesteSuper Nintendo - Super Aleste
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