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Welcome to the Tomy Handhelds section. Each game has as much information as you should need. The picture is of the actual game you will receive. I can provide high-res photos should you require them. Unless stated otherwise, all games are working - they are tested with both batteries and if relevent an adapter.

Tomytronic Thundering Turbo Boxed

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Tomytronic Thundering Turbo Boxed
Notes: Boxed without polys and strap. Manual is missing. Box is tatty and missing top flap.

Tomy Tomytronics 3D Game. Realeased in the 1980's these game looked like a pair of binoculars, with all the action appearing on two LCD screens, one behind each eye.

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Tomy - Tomytronic Thundering Turbo Boxed
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