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Sega 32X

Here is a small selection of replacement Sega 32x hardware that I have for sale. We have consoles for sale in the Sega 32X Consoles section, and for games, check out the Sega 32X Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition!

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Sega 32X Connector Cable Loose

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Sega 32X Connector Cable Loose

Sega 32X connector cable. This is the cable to connect your Sega 32X to your Megadrive. This feeds the audio and graphics from your Megadrive into your 32X where it is then given that extra bit of ooomph! This cable works with both the Megadrive 1 and Megadrive 2, but if you have a Megadrive 1 you need the additional adapter cable to convert from 9 pin mini din to 8 pin din which the Megadrive 1 uses. This item is loose and tested.

Sega 32X
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Sega 32X - Sega 32X Connector Cable Loose
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