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Sega Dreamcast

Here is a small selection of Sega Dreamcast Hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Sega Dreamcast Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition. We also have consoles, so you'll be wanting to look at the Sega Dreamcast Consoles section if that's your bag!

Sega Dreamcast VGA Adapter Loose

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Sega Dreamcast VGA Adapter Loose

A VGA Adapter to connect your Sega Dreamcast to a VGA Monitor. Connect your Dreamcast to your PC monitor, flat screen monitor, or HD TVs with PC Input/VGA Input for a high resolution display on compatible games. Amazing change in the quality of the picture on Soul Calibur! Comes with two connections - VGA and standard AV. Just flick the switch to select standard TV or VGA. So no need to reach behind and unplug cables when you want to change between your standard TV and VGA monitor! Works on any region Dreamcast and anything with standard VGA input. Loose but tested and fully working.

Sega Dreamcast
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Sega Dreamcast - Sega Dreamcast VGA Adapter Loose
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