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Welcome to my Sega Game Gear Hardware page. This is the small selection of Sega Game Gear Hardware that I have for sale. We only have a few bits and bobs for this console - I can't honestly say we get much hardware, so get in there quick! For games, check out the Sega Game Gear Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition, for consoles, check out the appropriately named Sega Game Gear Consoles section!

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Sega Game Gear Battery Pack Loose

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Sega Game Gear Battery Pack Loose

We all know that one of the criticisms with the Game Gear is the battery life (or lack of it!). Well to save you a fortune on batteries Sega designed this nifty little battery back which can be used instead of normal batteries. Requires a Sega Power Supply to charge the pack - we can supply one - they are in the Sega Megadrive section. This item is unboxed and in good working order.

Sega Game Gear
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Sega Game Gear - Sega Game Gear Battery Pack Loose
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