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I have a small selection of boxed Super Famicom Consoles. The boxed consoles are ideal for someone new to the Super Famicom scene that wants a 'ready to use' system or an enthusiast who wants a genuine collectors item - a complete, boxed, good condition Super Famicom.

The modified Super Famicom consoles have the regional lockout chip disabled, and have an additional 50hz/60hz switch added which allows 99% of all import games to played. The 50hz/60hz switch also allows PAL games to be played at full speed (50hz plays 20% slower) and in full screen, instead of letterbox mode. For more info see the Super Nintendo Modification section. I also have a large selection of Super Famicom Games and Super Famicom Hardware.

Notes about yellowing: It is very common for Super Famicom consoles to have some degree of yellowing. A statement from Nintendo reads "The Super Famicom, as well as our other systems, are made with a plastic containing flame-retardant chemicals to meet safety guidelines. Over time, the plastic will age and discolor both because of these chemicals as well as from the normal heat generated from the product or exposure to light. Because of the light colour of the plastic of the SNES and NES, this discoloration is more easily seen..." Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about yellowing, and while we clean our consoles as best possible, some will still exhibit a degree of yellowing.

Complete systems are becoming increasingly rare, and all the boxed consoles shown below are in good condition. Unboxed consoles may show some signs of yellowing, but will be clean and in good working order. We will make sure that any boxed consoles are free from yellowing, or as close as is possible.

Super Famicom Modified Switchless Base Unit Loose

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Super Famicom Modified Switchless Base Unit Loose (NTSC-J)

A Specially modified Super Famicom. This console is fully modified with the very latest Ikari_01 switchless modification board - no switches are added to the consoles, no holes drilled. The display can be changed by holding the reset switch - 50Hz / 60Hz or Passive setting. The region lockout will automatically match the cartridge inserted which means this will play 100% of all Super Nintendo and Super Famicom games. Even Mario RPG, Kirby 3 and Star Ocean! The internal mod board will cycle though the settings and changes the colour of the LED to let you know which setting you are on. The slot has also been widened. This is exactly the same as the above switchless console except this is just the base unit and no other peripherals - ideal if you already own a Super Famicom and want to keep your original console in tip top shape. You must already own all the necessary parts like the controllers and the power supply to use this. Please ensure your TV can display a 60Hz signal before you purchase this console. For more info see the Super Famicom Modification section.

Super Famicom
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Super Famicom - Super Famicom Modified Switchless Base Unit Loose
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