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Here is a selection of Super Famicom hardware I have. Remember, pretty much any of the Super Nintendo Hardware will work on the Super Famicom too so if you are looking for something on this page, then try that one too. For games, check out the Super Famicom Games section - all boxed and in excellent condition. Finally, for consoles, you should be looking in the Super Famicom Consoles pages.

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Super Famicom Satellaview Boxed

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Super Famicom Satellaview Boxed

The Satellaview is a satellite modem add-on for the Nintendo Super Famicom. The Satellaview system was developed to receive signals broadcast from Japanes esatellite TV station WOWOW's satellite radio subsidiary, St.GIGA. This was responsible for file server management, maintenance, and vocalization for SoundLink games. As well as full games and magazine broadcasts, Satellaview players were also given access to a number of data downloads that could be used in conjunction with various memory-pak-compatible application cartridges. The service was discontinued in June 2000. The item is boxed and comes with the Manual, AV Selector, AC Adapter, BS-X Game Pak and an 8M Memory Pak.

Super Famicom
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Super Famicom - Super Famicom Satellaview Boxed
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